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Tips to Increase Views on Youtube

If you want to increase your Youtube views follow these practical tips

If you decide to publish a movie of poor performance, you may have serious problems appearing in the various search results. So let's go and see the best solutions to significantly increase the views of your videos on YouTube.

Choose carefully the name to give to the movie
A good starting point is to give the film a proper name. It has to perfectly relate to the main algorithm, but it must also be noteworthy and as appealing as possible. If the name is not well associated with the content of the video, it will lead to very short viewing times - which will tend to lower the video in the rankings -, dubious followers or even a string of negative comments.
Consider phrases like this.... that continue to be searched a lot on Google, so your video can get a lot more views if you can get placement from there as well.

Describe your movie effectively
A video without a description wouldn't be complete. Make sure you have the keywords handy and enter them in the first two lines or the video could get lost in the millions of videos on YouTube.

Rename the video before you upload it
If you have a video ready to upload to YouTube, and the name is strange similar to ahdieien.avi, delete it and set the movie with your keyword. Renaming it that way is crucial considering that search engines are not able to check inside a file. Having a filename relevant to the movie from a big hand to the search engine to position the movie in the best way giving it a higher position than proposals that have no relevant names.

Always use the right keywords and tags
Tags in YouTube SEO are essential. One rule that should not be overlooked at all is to list your specific keywords at the top, because this prioritizes them during the optimized search. List generalized tags in order to be more successful in terms of views.
The use of the same keyword in the title, tag and description of your movie will increase exponentially the relevance of your movie in many search engines, not only the one on YouTube.

If you do not want to waste time, you can always buy Youtube views

Increasing YouTube Tricks views with these tricks we mentioned is a piece of cake.

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