With the Loyalty Points program you save by buying!
Xboost Media’s loyalty program allows customers to earn points for each product they buy, and they can then convert these points into real discounts.
With the loyalty points program you can accumulate points to save on your future orders! For each order you will be automatically assigned a number of shopping points proportional to the total of the order and you can use the shopping points accumulated starting from the next order.

How to access the program
Access is very simple, just register on XBoost Media and make your first purchase. The system will automatically assign a number of points that can be consulted within the specific area of ​​the customer.

Earning points
On the product page, immediately below the "Add to cart" button, you can read the amount of points accumulated.

Manage your loyalty points
Managing the purchase points is very simple. Just register on xboostmedia.com, place an order and access the customer area. Within the customer area you can consult the total points accumulated, the total points redeemed and the related orders.

How to redeem your loyalty points
Redeeming your shopping points is quick and easy. During the purchase phase, if you have accumulated points thanks to previous purchases, you will see the "Redeem my points" button. By clicking on the button your points will be automatically translated into euros and deducted from the total order.